if you can design one thing, you can design everything 

Massimo Vignelli

Pressurized Freedom Poster

Since the designer doesn’t exist in a bubble that separates him/her from the surrounding conditions, the Pressurized freedom in the middle east was the main motivation behind that poster. The poster was designed as a vector illustrator file in normal size of 36”X24” oriented in the portrait position.

I decided to have some response to the time that I live through in my legacy. I made this humble piece to reflect back on the Arab spring Era and to add some design to it in my mind. Such like the Avant Garde movement in Europe, I believe in the fact that such movement should be historized through pieces of design especially with the tools being in your disposal.

The design is centered around two dove wings that are positioned in the flying position. The word “Freedom” is written in arabic on the right wind in a rough form to illustrate the struggle. The frame of gray emphasized with the left-over negative space are all working to tell the concept of being bounded and pressurized.

Al Nawab Poster

Modafar Al Nawab , one of the most featured Iraqi-Arab Poets who wrote the best of Poetry verses in the second half of the 20th century and the early 21st century. His Poetry reflects out what goes in the mind of every middle-eastern citizen despite their religions, political views or countries. ٍSome critiques was calling him “The vulgarity Poet” because of him using curses words to describe the political status in the region, but he was successful since he touched every heart that speaks arabic around the globe.

I designed the poster to be as a decoration item to be added to different living spaces to emphasize some color pallets used in the interior design. The design itself is simplified in light of using the simple yellow background and the two different saturations of the same blue. Those colors were chose to emphasize the coolness of the poems written on the poster. The calligraphy used on the poster is Arabic language written in “Tholoth” font of verses from one of Al nawab most famous romance poetry.

D. Heritage Magazine

As a school project for the graphic design course, I designed a logo and layout for a magazine that includes featured designers that changed the world of graphic design and made an impact in the society.

The Magazine is includes 22 pages with the cover page featuring the main topic in a way to attract the attention of the user. The Logo used a century gothic typeface to feature the word heritage. The dot In “D.” was emphasized as a large circle hinting the sphere of the earth with the letter D making a transparent hollow on the majority of it referring to the design impact. The layout of each page was inspired by the specific designer that it was telling about. Different typefaces was used throughout the layouts and some advertisements were also designed and laid out in different pages too.  

DOGMAH brand

A brand identity project for an Iraqi clothing line that specializes in street wears. The word Dogmah stands to the meaning of “button” in Iraqi dialect of Arabic. The design also included various designs of T Shirts that follows the style of Pop-art.

The Logo consists of a mish-mash of different silhouettes of different products along with the bigger silhouette of the button covering three-quarters of the space then the word “dogmah” comes down in the arabic type face of “Nasikh”