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Ali Jabbar 

I Believe in the importance of design to overcome all the environmental and economic challenges that face our world in the current time. Mixing together the traditional techniques with today’s technology can make everything possible. Through my education, I came through a series of challenges that equipped me with more experience and knowledge because I believe that with each challenge comes a rich opportunity.


About Me

As an anticipated graduate of theUniversity of Nebraska - Lincoln’s Architecture Program in 2020, I’ve been interested and focused on human-centered design. My passion for that design-led me to engage and manipulate my skills in learning about parametric design, product design,and graphic design.
I managed to get my projects as close to the client’s perspective and expectations as possible. For me, all design aspects fall into empathy, and the designer’s skill comes when he/she puts himself in the client's shoes.  
While doing my work, I'm driven by the following principles:
  • harmony
  • sustainability
  • empathy

Ali Jabbar

LEED GA , AIA associate

Master's Student of Architecture
At University of Nebraska- Lincoln
Lincoln NE , USA

Ali Jabbar