Future is not tomorrow, it is toaday

Zaha Hadid

IQMSC Contemplation

My proposal to the international quilt museum and study center goes around the idea of creating a complementary experience that accompanies the museum experience.One of the main issues that faces museum experience in the 21st century is what is known as the museum fatigue. That fatigue that is being resulted by the overloading of information from the exhibition. The way that I Attempt to resolve that is by giving the visitor a brake by exposing him or her to some forms of nature that relate back to the quilting idea.To meet the needs of our valued clients in the IQMSC, The new building has to include the programs shown. And as it can be seen that the emphasis here comes to the main public spaces and the exhibition space. The main concept that touches the Ground here is to add some means of contemplation to release that fatigue pattern. That addition should come also as a significant architectural form that tells the story differently. The Choice of intervention to be to the west of the existing building was to extract that linier circulation path from the existing building and to open the way of exterior circulation from both the parking lot and both streets to the west and south of the site.

Pavilion of Ages

As an extensive physical study, the Pavilion of Ages comes as a direct interpretation of algorithmic based design that puts the application of the single surface to define space in action. Conceptually, the project looks at the possibility of constructing in a brittle material like glass (Acrylic in the model).

The Past ages throughs knowledge and thick bases to construct the future upon them, which was the main Idea of designing the structure in that surface layout of being wider surfaces at the base and less wide at the top.

Algorithm was used to Design that structure in light of putting solid rules to follow along the way of laying out the bases and laying over the rest of the surfaces.

Peeled Up

The project is constructed on the area of 64000 square feet which is mainly occupied by a parking lot at the moment in the mid old market Omaha downtown area in Nebraska. The Design is following the concept of opening and contrasting since it is working on illustrating the relationship that can be seen in the angled walkable roof when you can enjoy both the plain and the elevated ground in the same time. The contrast that the project argue is the contrast of the heavily built artificial environment of the down town and how to turn those dead massive built area into a useful massive space that can have multiple functions in deffrent time of the day.

Al Hamidia Apartment building

A small two-apartment building in Baghdad, Iraq of total 135 square meters. The Client’s request was to create two equal apartments in programs and areas. The project has a possible future expansion of another two apartments on the second floor. The challenge was to keep equal openings for ventilation and accessible front door.