My Passion to create innovative spaces is the main theme of my work. The 3D world has an abundance of choices to offer. The section here shows a group of my selected works to illustrate my vision.

The Graphic world is the main aspect that can express the taste and the personality of the client and the designer in a clear way. The activity that occupies my free time mostly is designing posters and logos which I harness for my professional uses.   

Designing furniture pieces comes to my spectrum lately in my academic journey. The main PowerPoint that I pursue in this aspect of design that I have a wide material knowledge to apply the suitable material for a specific functionality or aesthetic purpose.

Printable Resources

I thank you for your interest in my content. Here you can find a printable version of my portfolio. I'd be glad to send a printed copy for business purposes, please introduce yourself in an email sent for :


Ali Jabbar  

Senior Undergraduate Student of Architecture
At University of Nebraska- Lincoln
Lincoln NE , USA

Ali Jabbar

Phone 402 840 3814
Address 2323 T st, apt 2, lincoln, Nebraska (NE), 68503, United States
Email a.salman8@icloud.com