Perspective showing the massing of the building and the elevation of the Main Entrance. ( Vray, Rhinoceros, Photoshop)

Detroit Music Center

Detroit, MI

An attempt to implement the future of a decayed city like Detroit might trigger the heritage of the city in many ways. The project capitalizes on the musical history of the city by celebrating that in a new form.

I learned through this project that you don't have to stick to the cultural norms to represent the cultural elements. Music for instance has been an integral part of the history of Detroit. The demand to represent that history in a new form that connects to the past through symbolism is of the most importance.

First Floor plan showing a cafe with bathrooms with the theater and the backstage. (Rhino, Illustrator)
The second Floor plan shows the gallery with a circulation core with a ramp that reaches the recording studio. (Rhino, Illustrator).
Form Ideation Sketches trying to distort the form of letter D to create space within.
Site plan. (Rhino, Illustrator)
Diagrams that Show massing and the circulation. (Rhino, Illustrator).
Building sections that show the elevation relationships and the tectonic quality. (Rhino, Illustrator).