Alyia Design Studio 

Crow House

Crow Agency, MO

Crow House is a response to economical and communal issues that native Americans still face within the confines of their reservations. Those communities that were obligatory relocated across the continent ended up in poor conditions due to dismantling their resources. Crow Agency is one of those communities that need urgent and swift action to lift up their living standards. Crow house on the other hand proposes a smaller dwelling of 25 square meters to reduce the energy demand and redirect the surplus to the grid.

I learned through this project the meaning of empathy, the devastation that those communities feel. I didn't visit that town, but I watched many videos and interviews that brought tears to my eyes. I used that premise to direct my design moves and intentions to serve that marginalized community with a real passion to create change.

Crow House presentation board. (Revit, Photoshop, Illustrator).
Exploded axonometric that shows the details of the tiny house along with the systems in place. (Revit, Illustrator)
Plans and elevation of the Crow house with circulation patterns. (Revit, Illustrator).
The section shows the details of the house spaces. (Revit, Photoshop, Illustrator).