Alyia Design Studio 
A perspective that shows the building within the urban fabric. (Photoshop, Google earth, Revit, Lumion)

Apollo Gardens

Lincoln, NE

The housing crisis requires a wider solution that takes into consideration all the social, infrastructural, and economical concerns. The population of Lincoln is increasing rapidly which invites more urgent solutions that bring together communities.

I learned from this project the Housing requirement and how important and imminent the problem of housing is. I got familiar with the local ordinance and codes for Lincoln, NE. To make a 15-minute walkable town is an effectively compelling and sustainable concept.

The project is diverse to include different values for living units. The intention is to break down the block condition and the courtyard design. That energizes circulation and vitalizes communal outreach.

The view shows the courtyard. (Photoshop, Revit, Lumion)
First-floor configuration. (Revit, Illustrator)
Second-floor configuration. (Revit, Illustrator)
First-floor plan. (Revit, Illustrator).
Section G. (Revit, Illustrator).
Second-floor up to the 21st-floor plan. (Revit, Illustrator).
Site Plan. (Revit, Illustrator).