Alyia Design Studio 

Altus Internship

Summer 2021

I worked during the summer of 2021 with Professionals who appreciated their level of dedication. I had a lot to learn during those three months through working on multiple tasks and projects on different scales and sites. Most importantly, I learned to appreciate the profession and honor it to be passed for many generations to come.
Lab. Reception render. (Revit, Lunmion, Photoshop).

Lexington Regional Health Center

Lexington, NE

Through design visualization, I developed those photo-realistic renders in collaboration with ID. Eva Kruger and Project Manager Dwayne Meyer, AIA. I worked enthusiastically with the given design proposal document and the given model to figure out the suitable design representation. I was endorsed for the atmospheres that I create in those renders which is what the client exactly envisions, healthy and calm environments. Marketing the work of the office was one of my main tasks; therefore, I was keen on providing the best result that reflects great care for the client's vision.
Nurse station render that captures the vision of the interior designer with the exact textures. (Photoshop, Lumion).

UC Health Poudre Valley Hospital

Poudre Valley, CO

I worked through this project with the Altus team in Denver, CO. Through this project I learned the importance of representing the environment and the featured plantations and ground features. The office was tasked with renovating the existing building and suggesting new designs for the main entrances. I was delighted to imagine the atmosphere of those new canopies and to feature them in the context of those renders. It was great teamwork that put UC health and its clients in the main consideration.
Hospital entrance Render. (Photoshop, Lumion).
Perspective view with a clear emphasis on the design intervention. ( Lumion, Photoshop).
Dusk view of the discharge point in the hospital. (Lumion, Photoshop).

George C. Grape Community Hospital

Hamburg, IA

I worked on a promotional poster for a donors' event. Through working with senior architects in the office, I learned the importance of the work that architects do to put the clients and users in the main perspective. The upper drawing was done by senior architect Scott Nordstrom who is known for his proficiency in doing hand-drawn renders. I expressed the new design using a diagram that shows graphically the new changes to the donors. I helped Senior Architect Mike Goertzen to do cost estimations for the new design of the hospital. I’ve been taught generously by Mr.Goertzen many concepts related to cost-effectiveness and accomplishing design within the limits of budget and time.
During this project, I learned the precision of conducting design, the impact of each design decision, and the financial constraints. I take those points as of high importance to guide any design process that I get engaged in.
Tri-faith table design as discussed with the contractor (Revit).
Advertising poster that has been presented in a donor's event. (Revit, Illustrator).

Tri-Faith Picnic Table

Omaha, NE

Through participating with the Altus team to design a picnic table, I got more familiar with ADA regulations, teamwork, and communications with contractors and builders. The design process was iterative and rigorous to achieve all the objectives assumed by the project. The picnic table was aimed at fostering inclusivity and civil discourse. The table is equipped with a maze game at the center for the users to enjoy together. Togetherness is the main premise of the project; therefore, everyone in the team worked together on this project with high enthusiasm. Tri-Faith is an initiative of brotherhood and acceptance between the world's largest religions based in Omaha, NE. The Initiative started between a church, a mosque, and a synagogue that shared the same parking space.
Altus team with Turner team installing the table in its permanent site on UNO Campus.